Let's get it started
Let's get it started
Team work is very important
Team work is very important
High jumps
High jumps

Canyoning the stream / ravine defeat

Being translated as Canyon hiking, the new trend offers the possibility to explore nature wit all its various attractions room a different point of view. Ravines and Canyons are hiked from its spring with climbing and wild water equipment.

Roping down from rushing water falls, both extreme and easy jumps in crystal-clear mountain water and slides down from stones together with short swimming parts make up an unforget-table canyoning tour. Taking the degree of difficulty into consideration, everyone can jo


Ability to swim and having a good head for heights.
An event for everybody - groups, families, individualists.


  •  May to Octobre

Things to bring along

  • Sport shoes (reaching the knuckle), bathing clothes, showels


  • Every participant receives a "Finisher" certificate upon completion of the track.