Joy with jogging

Göstling, a village with a tremendous nature landscape and a good knowledge of how to enjoy life, a 5 km distance course can be used for jogging whilst enjoying the countryside. Height difference is just about 20 metres and rounds are rather short offering beginners as well as speed-enthusiasts best opportunities to jog and run. A 2 km loop in the middle of the course going along the "Steinbach" offers great views and moments.

Track description

  • Length: 5.000 m, 20 m height differnce , 80 % asphalt, 20 % paves
  • Start and goal of the 5.000 metre long and attractive track is situated right next to the car park of the restaurant Mandl-Scheiblechner.
  • We turn right straight after 50 metres and travers the Ybbs.
  • Another 100 metres later we turn right again at the local store and go by left side of the Ybbs.
  • The local road B 25 is crossed 1.400 metres afterwards, so please pay attention to the traffic !
  • Going right and then left near the restaurant Kögerlwirt we run on a slight increase through the idyllic countryside by the Steinbach.
  • Later on we're crossing the bridge over the Steinbach after 2.530 metres. On a slight decrease we go back on asphalt.
  • This loop is closed after 3600 metres and the B 25 is crossed again following the know way to the restaurant.
  • Start/goal point is reached right after 5 km.


This easy course suits best for beginner and medium-trained people. Additionally, experienced Joggers can performe speed tracks on the exact distance of 5 km.