Experience Area Mendlingtal

Themes way

Approximately 2,5 km long, with information boards throughout the whole course, the theme path starts near the village pond at Lassing. The entire family can walk the way leading on a prepared path to the start of the groges of the Mendling Brook. With safety features in mind the hanging foot bridges and numerous wooden bridges allow visitors to travers the gorges. From the courtyard at the end of the walk one may walk back through the valley.

There is much to see and to absorb along the path: below the village pond of Lassing the "Original Part" of the three-town road leads beyond the pond into the wood, the Hammer-Masters called it "Green Gold".

Smithy's journeyman house next to the ticket office displays the original "Smokekuchln" and photographic testimonies indicating parts of the given living standard of the Smith's journey-man and the wood-servants.

Drift installation

The recently renovated drift installation can be explored in the first of the gorges, having been bizarrely shaped by the water. You will be surprised to find pure nature paradise in the small dells between the gorges.

The brook, which is overhung by branches of the nearby trees in the green deciduous forest forms a splendid and glorious wilderness and it's worth standing still, feeling the roughness of the bark, which savours the smell of the leaves and the forest and it's worth admiring the beauty of the shimmering water, its reflection and touching the stones and sand whilst wading in the cool clear water.


The reconstructed Mendlingdam forms a small lake for log-drifting. Straight after that visitors meet a large spring with a mill originating from the last century. Before the end of the walk there is a nice trout pond to have a look and rest for a while. You will find at the end, in the former wood servants settlement, a Hammer-Masters house, where you may replenish lost energies with good plain cooked dishes and drinks offered. A nice playground will give great pleasure to children. There is also a bread-baking room and a bio-shop.

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